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Class Action Administration Services

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About Us

First Class, Inc. is a C Corporation, and has been doing business since 1996. The Class Action Division provides in-depth class action administration services. We have worked with law firms across the country, and have successfully administered class action cases ranging in size from less than one hundred to over one million class members.

Handling the mechanics of notification and settlement accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively plays a pivotal role in any class action case. Whether you represent the Defendant or the Plaintiff, we have the expertise and systems to handle every aspect of your class action case- from notification through settlement.

Meet the Team

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Lonna B. Schulz

President and CEO
773-378-1009 X 202

Lonna is the President of First Class, Inc., and oversees all aspects of the business. Lonna’s background and experience in Engineering, Production, and Project Management guided the development and implementation of many of the systems and procedures used by First Class, Inc. today.

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Bailey Hughes

Director of Case Management
773-378-1009 X 203

Bailey is responsible for the overall management of services provided to our clients. She oversees every aspect of a case, and is the primary contact for our clients, from consulting on estimates to implementation of administration and beyond.

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Rick Chisnick

Data Processing Lead
773-378-1009 x 204

Rick leads our data department, and is responsible for processing and managing client data and class lists. He analyzes lists to help find potential problems before notifications are sent.

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Kimberly Perry

Finance Manager
773-378-1009 x 206

Kimberly runs the books at First Class, Inc., and also helps to manage our complex banking systems across numerous cases. She oversees our bank accounts and settlement funds, and handles banking inquiries from class members, banks, and check cashers.

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Maria Mendoza

Production Manager
773-378-1009 x 205

Maria handles the physical aspects of preparing mailings, and oversees the shipping, receiving, and processing of correspondence to and from First Class, Inc. She is the cornerstone of our production schedule, and makes sure each mailing is on time and up to postal standards.

Our Services

Notice Mailing

Before class notices are mailed, we make sure your data is in the best possible shape. Lists are checked to make sure that every record is complete, and addresses are standardized using the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) of the U.S. Postal Service to increase deliverability.

We also process lists through the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) database. This database contains 48 months of move information that has been submitted to the Postal Service.

If questionable or unmailable records are found, we let you know which ones they are so that you have the opportunity to check if more current information is available.

Claim Form Processing

Claim form processing is a large part of any administration. We define the validation rules with your input for accuracy. As claim forms are received and evaluated, our master class database is updated.

We can also set up a case website which includes online claim forms. The online claim forms can be used by themselves, or in addition to, mailed claim forms.

Extended Address Updates

Lexis Nexis Accurint Extended Locater Service

Accurint® for Legal Professionals is a product which consists of a comprehensive suite of searchable databases from Lexis Nexis and is used by financial, insurance, legal, government, law enforcement, and investigative industries. It includes access to the following databases: individual references, directory assistance, and real property, and credit header data.

The Lexis Nexis Accurint product can be used on the front end for verification and on the back end for skip tracing.

The Accurint identity repository includes:

  • 9.3 billion unique name/address combinations
  • 625 million phone numbers
  • 239 million unique cell phones
  • 607 million unique email addresses

The individual reference databases are from Public Records and commercially available data sources and include social security numbers, date of birth and death, name, and address linked to individuals, relatives, and associates. It enables users to find individual’s current and historical addresses, along with real-time published telephone listings.The technology leverages over 45 billion public and proprietary records from more than 10,000 diverse sources.


A dedicated website can be set up for each case, and will typically be used so that class members can view more detailed case information, such as a copy of the Settlement Agreement or a longer version of the notice.

The dedicated website can optionally include an online claim form tied to a class lookup database for validated online claim submissions with an optional class member information update option. The online claim forms can be used by themselves, or in addition to, mailed claim forms.

Toll Free Phone

When needed, we'll set up a dedicated toll-free phone line, which includes a recorded case overview that will answer frequently asked questions, and the ability for callers to record a voicemail message if they need more information.

Settlement Fund Distribution

Over the years we've distributed millions of dollars of settlement funds. All settlement funds are segregated, and each individual distribution account is put under Positive Pay control to protect against fraud.

We can also set up a Qualified Settlement Fund when required (usually when settlement checks are over $600). This includes obtaining an EIN number for the fund, sending 1099 forms to the class members, and submitting the associated tax returns to the IRS.


“First Class is a true word of mouth company. The relationship that we build with our clients, and the trust they place in us to deliver responsive and accurate administration for their cases, can be seen in these references from a few of our clients.”

“I really think the two main factors that differentiate First Class from the competition are your friendly approach and your ability to come up with creative notice solutions.”

Stacy Bardo, Bardo Law, P.C.

“First Class is cost-competitive, efficient, timely in its services, thorough and professional.”

O. Randolph Bragg, Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates LTD

“In no particular order... friendly, helpful, reliable, responsive, knowledgeable.... Those are off the top of my head.”

Craig Shapiro, The Law Offices of John T.Orcutt

“I view you guys as dependable and capable. You have always also been cost-competitive, which of course, is of greatest concern to our clients.”

Justin Penn, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Frequently Asked Questions


Over the years, we’ve been asked a lot of questions. We’ve compiled them here for you. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please send us an email at info@firstclassadministration.com or give us a call at 773-378-1009. We’d be more than happy to answer it.

Only in the most general sense. Over the years we've seen classes with responses as low at 3% and as high as 60%. Typically we estimate a 10% response rate, but 20% is not unusual.

In a nutshell: yes. There are ways to design the notice so that as a 'mailpiece' it is possible to take advantage of Postal discounts. We have certified Mailpiece Quality specialists on staff.

The rule of thumb is that if any settlement checks from the class fund are over $600, including incentive awards and payments to law firms, then yes an EIN number is needed for the fund. We will obtain the EIN number from the IRS, and can also take care of sending the 1099 forms and submitting the 1120SF tax return.

Of course, and at no cost to you. Contact us anytime!

Contact Us

If you would like First Class to provide an estimate for your Class Action Administration needs, please provide us with some initial information below. We will be in contact soon.
First Class offers a full suite of services for Class Action Administration to meet your needs. With our experience in these areas, we’re happy to help you during negotiations as well.


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