It's all about Trust.

First Class is a true 'word of mouth' company. The relationship that we build with our clients, and the trust they place in us to deliver accurate and timely mailings, can be seen in these references from a few of our clients.

We look forward to adding your reference to this page.

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'You are a "known quantity" -- I can always expect good service from you.'


'Great price and very dependable.'


'I choose First Class due to the personal service I receive.'


'I appreciate the fact that you are willing to work with us on a variety of projects. I also appreciate the fact that you work well with us as a project develops.'


'We don't always have all of the information we need when we begin a project. Your patience in working with us helps a great deal.'


'I feel very confident that when I send a project your way that I can count on your team to help us meet our deadlines -- and most importantly, help us to help our internal clients "look good." I also appreciate the way your team's works magic with the data that we send you. I don't know of too many places that could handle it. I appreciate your willingness to work with us in continually improving this area.'


'Dependable service and always a friendly employee to work with in getting our project processed.'