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First Class offers a full suite of Direct Mail services to our clients, including mail list cleanup, presorting, laser personalization, inkjet addressing, lettershop, and much more.

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Specialized direct mail services, including list cleaning, presorting, laser personalization, lettershop, inkjet addressing, and fulfillment.

If you want to scrap generic mailings and start increasing response to your mailings, we can personalize your mail so that you address your readers by name.

Marketers and fundraisers know that people love seeing their names in print -- use what they know to increase your success!

We're able to take any information you have on a mailing list -- including name, address, age, and so on -- and merge this into specific places in your letter.

The reader feels that you're focusing on his or her needs; and you may even use this approach to offer different products and services to different age groups, regions, or any other group!

You can specify any type of personalization, specify virtually any font, and as many merge fields as you want! Duplex (two-sided) laser printing is also available.

Synchronize specific information, such as offers, to each and every recipient

Our merge/purge services help you increase your mailing and marketing efficiency, and better manage your information. Using sophisticated, flexible data matching and merging, we help you build the best and most accurate mailing list, eliminate duplicate records, and perform special selections and suppressions.

Here are a few of the features and list management solutions our experience and software provide:

  • Data matching logic along with flexible, customizable matching techniques.
  • Precise customer matching within and across diverse data sources.
  • Merge variable customer data into one complete record.
  • Delete-mark unwanted duplicate records.
  • Detailed reports about the contents of your customer records and mailing lists.
Sometimes thought of as a subset of Merge/Purge, often a simple de-duping of your list is all you need. This process is performed on a single file, and lets you select one mail piece per person or one mail piece per address. In addition, the duplicate can be found by searching for exact matches only, or by close matches, which we can review before deleting.

There are a number of specialized data processing functions which we offer—some which are used for almost every list, and some more exotic functions used for special purposes. This section provides a brief description of the majority of them.

Mailing lists come from a number of different sources, everything from computer mainframe files to the latest contact manager. We’re set up to take the files on any media (disk, tape, CDROM, Zip Disk), or you can send them to us via email or upload to our website. Some of the file formats we can work with:

  • ASCII text files (tab delimited/comma delimited)
  • Spreadsheet files
  • Word processor table or text files
  • dBase files
  • “Print Image” / label files
Presorting saves you money because you can mail at reduced postage rates. We are set up to do multi-level presorts for the following types of mailing rates:

  • First Class Presort
  • First Class Automation Presort
  • Standard Presort
  • Standard Automation Presort

In addition, we will CASS certify (standardize addresses) your list and we can update it using the NCOA (National Change of Address) database from the U. S. Postal Service.

Lettershop work generally includes folding, collating, inserting, sealing, stamping, etc. In other words the hand assembly needed for many mail pieces. We offer a full range of these services.

We offer both the 18 month and 48 month National Change of Address (NCOA) move update service. Your list is checked against the US Postal Service's national database, and any new addresses that are found are used to update your list.

This service is required by the US Postal Service if you are presorting, but can also be used to clean up your list even if not presorting.